Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Journey

So, I started out with a bang - I lost 20 pounds initially and was feeling really good about myself and my progress.  Then, out of the blue, my brother called.  My mom was not doing well living in her condo.  She had been complaining about her neighbors and how loud their music was playing at night.  My brother had visited her late one night after his second shift and spent the night on the couch and heard nothing.  It turns out, she called my brother a few weeks after that and told him the neighbors were coming to kill her and the cat and she locked herself in the bathroom.  After weeks in the hospital and a thorough medical exam and testing, it was decided that she had early-onset dementia  - diagnosed at 68 - in the form of Lewy-Body Dementia (LBD).  LBD, in her case, is characterized by hearing voices - she likes to call it a voice-over.  Of course, those voices she hears are only saying negative things and her hospital team felt it in her best interest to be in an assisted living facility.

I spent many, many hours and drove hundreds and eventually thousands of miles back and forth to get her situated, get her set-up with outpatient care, take care of selling her condominium, find legal representation and figure out how it was all going to be paid for since she was living on Social Security.  I let my diet slide due to stress, but miraculously, I maintained the loss throughout this stressful situation.  It wasn't until one day when I went to a doctor's appointment with her and she had to be weighed for this appointment.  I was only five pounds less than she was, but surely, I believed, I was so much healthier and surely, I didn't look as big as she did?  But, I thought about it a lot - and what I came up with is this 1) life is too short to be living the way I was living - if any of this dementia is heredity - my clock is ticking; 2) I am passing along the unhealthy eating and sedentary ways to my three daughters and am doing nothing to break the chain of obesity; 3) I want to finally achieve those physical and active goals that I have always longed to do.

That was it - my light bulb moment.  It took me roughly two and a half years to lose 135 pounds and get to my self-imposed goal weight of 135.  I have a thing with numbers.  I wanted to be officially one-half the person I was when I started.  For comparison, here is a picture from December of 2011 with my dad out in Vegas where I ran the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon. 

I've been followed by my family medicine doctor the whole time, and here are the statistics from the last time I stepped on the body composition scale in November 2011:

Current Body Weight:  137.0 (62.1 kg)
Total Body Fat:  17.5% (23.2 lbs; 10.5 kg)
Fat-Free Mass:  82.5% (109.3 lbs; 49.6 kg)
Body Mass Index:  24
Body Fat Displacement:  Torso 19.9%; Left leg 13.1%; Right leg 12.2%; 
Left arm 19.6%; Right arm 19.0%

Since then, I've been maintaining a running base during our cold winter months, ramped up my weight training and begun the interesting phase of maintaining the weight loss and trying to work on certain areas of my body that I'd like to see smaller.  Due to the large amount of weight loss, I do have some excess skin issues, and I really think I'll need to explore cosmetic surgery down the road, but my physician wants me to give it a year at goal weight to see just how much my skin will rebound.

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  1. I love it! I'm so proud of you and so honored that I'm featured in a photo. Looking forward to all your successes in 2012.