Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Living a "normal" life

Today is the day that Winter decided to make an appearance in the Northland - and the kids are home from school.  I normally love these days, but seeing as they just came off a week of "Winter" break last week, it throws a kink into my normal schedule.  Here's the view from our backyard - notice the hubby's HAM radio antenna and trees.
So, I'm thinking a run outside is probably not going to happen today :).  I participate in an exercise challenge in the forums of the online food journal that I use to log my food and exercise daily, and I'm just about 38 minutes short of my 3500 minute goal for our current challenge that ends today.  I think my good old friend, the treadmill, will be hosting a party for me later this afternoon.

My middle daughter's birthday was on Monday this week, and she chose to have Mexican food for her birthday dinner.  We have really avoided this particular restaurant of late because I really loathe seeing the number on the scale after high-sodium meals, not to mention, most Mexican food in restaurants are not the healthiest meals for me, nor my family.  I bit the bullet though, and we went there for dinner.  I really thought hard about not eating and having something when we got home, but then the focus would be on me and my dietary requirements, not my daughter and her birthday.  I had 5 small chips, my arroz con pollo, and a TON of iced tea.  Seeing as I gave up bread for Lent, passing on the birthday cake and the tortillas weren't an issue for me.  I'm maintaining my weight loss for the most part --  I'm still trying to stay at 135 or thereabouts and not drift any higher than 140.   I was running about 139 or so before the weekend and as anticipated, when getting on the scale on Tuesday morning, was up about 2 pounds to 141.  I know this is sodium-related, but being the numbers person I am, it just ruins my day.

It is my belief that "normal" people don't stress about this.  They have a meal that has more calories than they normally have, they enjoy it - they may not even eat the whole thing - and they move on.  It has no emotional tie, it doesn't ruin their day, they don't step on the scale to see what it did - they move on.  This is my goal for the week.  I'm doing pretty well so far - logging everything like I normally do, hitting my numbers as I want and completing all the exercise I have mapped out on my calendar this week.  I know if I "walk the walk" - I'll be fine - it's just that nagging feeling of, "if I allow myself to have XX food, will it push me over the edge to binging on unhealthy food" and I become one of the majority of people who have lost a significant amount of weight only to gain it back. 

Not today anyway!

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  1. You know, the part where you recognize that weighing yourself the day after a big meal is not what "normal" people do is part of the journey to becoming one of those "normal" people. I look forward to the day we go out for a fun celebratory meal and you don't even think about the scale. It's coming, I know it is.