Monday, February 20, 2012

Tiger Stripes and Scale Mind Games

The past week or so has been an interesting learning experience for me.  During the weight loss phase of my journey, I never really struggled with late-night snacking.  However, since hitting my goal of 135 last December, it's been a constant struggle to eat enough to be able function at the level I want to with my running, cross-training and strength-training and also hold the 135 number.  I have been reading several books on nutrition and what to eat when you're training for an endurance sport, but not be eating bagels, pasta and refined carbs all day.  Whether I like it or not, I do have to restrict my carbs somewhat or I have quite the belly bloat.  I'm rather short-waisted and the extra skin in the abdomen area doesn't help this either.  I'm still learning lots and tweaking things here and there.  I look forward to being more consistent in this area of my life and less of the ups and downs of having a great day nutrition-wise (in my estimation) and then out of the blue having a carb fest the next.  It's not like I'm not having any carbs, I think I just need to time them to coincide with when I need the energy.

One of my goals in this off-season was to gain more muscle definition and put a bit more muscle on to help with the metabolism and protect my body from running-related injury.  My trainer has been complimenting me on my muscle definition lately, and I finally got her to take a picture today of my left arm.  It's funny, I'll be doing my tricep work (I HATE tricep work) - very focused on my form and looking straight ahead to get through all the reps when she whispers to me, "Michelle - look in the mirror - your shoulder - those are called tiger stripes and they are so hard to get, you should be proud."  Today I had her take a picture of the "tiger stripes"

Wow, it was an early workout today, and as you can see, I had no problem sweating this morning.  I'm very happy with how far I've come and want to be a strong and fast (well, as fast as I can be) runner.  However, I find myself being caught up with the number on the scale.  I want the extra muscle, but I don't want to see numbers in the 140s.  I still think I can maintain 135-140 - and of course, I'd like to be at the lower end of that range as I'm rather anal-retentive when it comes to numbers. 

This week's goal is to stay off the scale, except for Monday morning and Friday morning and not sweat the ups and downs associated with water retention, etc.  I still log my food ( on a daily basis, track my exercise (all workouts are on my personal calendar and on the food diary) and monitor how my clothes fit.  There is no reason to get obsessive-compulsive about the scale and jumping on and off it throughout the day when I pass it by to go put clothes away in the closet "just to see where I am now."

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