Sunday, June 2, 2013


It's been a busy couple of weeks since my last update!  First of all, I was featured on the Another Mother Runner site in their "Follow This Mother" section on May 22, 2013.  I've met both Dimity and Sarah on a few occasions, and it was fun to share a bit of my story with the "tribe."  I didn't specifically write about my weight loss journey in the article, other than to casually mention it in one section.  I am somewhat conflicted about sharing my story with others.  It is nice to inspire others to become healthier, but at the same time I don't want the fact that I lost 135 pounds to define me.  I guess it is the humble Minnesotan in me that doesn't like to toot my own horn.

Then there is the fact that I'm a few pounds up from my goal weight.  As mentioned previously, I have been since about the mid portion of full marathon training last year.  I think I really did a number on my metabolism as I was trying to restrict my calories too much during the height of training, which in turn had me in a cycle of a few days restricted and then a day of eating to excess.  I keep trying new equations to come to a happy place, and I think I may have finally gotten at least close to it.  More to come in a future post when I have a few weeks to confirm it.  All this to say, I feel like somewhat of a fraud or failure that I am a bit up from my goal weight.  It shouldn't erase the fact that I've maintained my new lower weight within about 5-8% for almost two years, which is awesome.  People tell me that this is what normal people do, put on a few pounds, take off a few pounds, etc.  I just still feel like if I put on a few pounds, I will spiral into an unhealthy place.  However, the rational part of my brain tells me that I've got so many checks and balances in place, and I'm so active that unless I completely stopped doing everything I do now, I'll be fine.

Ok - enough of that.  With regard to the new paces I mentioned in my last update -- I think they are spot on.  I did a tempo run with those paces and it was comfortably hard (though on the treadmill because our weather just won't cooperate!).  The next day, I was walking down the stairs in the parking ramp on my way to the Y, and my right leg kind of cramped up behind my knee and I almost tripped down the stairs.  I was able to do a really easy 3-mile run before strength training, though I was really concerned about my 15-mile long run that weekend.  I iced it, used "the stick" for self-massage and took a few doses of ibuprofen.  I am happy to report that the 15 miles, while challenging (especially the last 4 miles), were able to be completed with no pain!  I came home from the run and had a hot bath, and was good to go the rest of the day.  I am continuing to self-massage both my hamstrings until I can get into my sports massage therapist next week.

Fast forward a few days, and due to time constraints, I hadn't run since that 15-miler on my birthday (May 25th).  I had a 6 mile negative split run to do (3, 3).  I did it outside, and I feel like I nailed it about as much as I could given my training up to this point, and all of the challenges I have faced getting all the runs in.  I actually took a few quick shots of the Lakewalk on a rare beautiful day in late May of this weird and wacky year of weather in Duluth.

Yes, those are bare branches on the vegetation on May 29th - just be glad you don't see snow!

I'm letting a late breakfast settle a bit before I head out for this week's 12-miler, and it will be done in less inspiring surroundings, but equally as nice weather, thankfully.  I'm looking forward to race day to see what I can do with where I am at.  Here is to hoping we have a strong tailwind off Lake Superior!!

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