Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Morning Rant on Media vs Obesity and a really cool weather app!!

Ok, normally I don't  pay attention to the major amount of unrelated-to-weather stories appearing on the Weather Channel's Facebook Page (unfollowing them shortly).  In fact, I've been getting my weather-checking fix by using several different and cool apps on my iPhone....but more on this later.  This is the image and headline for this morning:

Why does the media - or anyone else for that matter - think it's ok to run around and take pictures of people who are overweight and just use their bellies or butts to support whatever story they are doing.  Are they getting consent from all of these random folks?  Or is it not necessary because you can't identify their facial features?

This bothers me.  First of all, when I was at my heaviest and struggling to find a way out of my situation, it was my worst fear that I would turn on the news, local or national, and have my butt or belly on the screen.  There are real people attached to these bodies that have lives and people in them that love them.  They have strengths and talents, and along with that, many people carry so much shame about their situation.  I know this first-hand.  I so wanted to manage my stress and emotions in a healthy manner, but I couldn't, and I didn't know why.  I was successful in so many areas of my life, but why couldn't I figure this out?  Maybe the Weather Channel knows...

Is it so hard to treat others with respect?  Regardless of their faults and trials and tribulations?  Last time I checked, no one is perfect.  Helping one another and building each other up should be the foundation of our society and not tearing each other down.

Now that I'm off my soapbox - if you'd like to check out probably the best weather app I have found, and I LOVE my weather apps, especially as it gets closer to a long run or race; search out Dark Sky on the App Store.  I believe it costs about $4 or so, which is down from what it was when it first came out.  I actually got it on a Starbucks free download, and it has turned out to be such a great resource - and looks so cool.  It will pinpoint where you are and you can set your home address, so that when there is weather in the area, it will send you push notifications depending upon the sensitivity setting.  My kids are in awe every time we hear the alert signal, and look outside, and sure enough, this app is spot-on.  Living in Northern Minnesota - this is no small feat.  Our weather can turn on a dime and most of the time, it isn't for the better!!

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