Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mind over Matter

I started out this week with renewed commitment to healthy eating.  I had no residual surgical pain, I could get to the grocery store and if I can't exercise at the intensity level I did pre-surgery - what a great time to dial in the diet and get back to basics.

I dubbed Monday, October 20th as "No Crap Monday" and put that as my Facebook status for the day.  I linked a picture of my healthy breakfast (I was not originally thinking I'd put this on my blog, so the picture quality from my phone is less than stellar, but you get the idea). 
Egg white scramble with a small bit of oatmeal in a mug made in the microwave.  A few of my friends cheered me on, and another few jumped on my bandwagon.  As I navigated my way through the day, that little label and announcement on Facebook put healthy eating in the forefront of my mind, and every time during the day I thought about popping some little bit of food in my mouth for a taste - I stopped.  Told myself and others around me, no - this is No Crap Monday.  It was the first perfect day of clean eating in a while.

So, to perpetuate the goodness, I tried to think of something for Tuesday.  I had many suggestions from the peanut gallery on my Facebook page, and ultimately settled for "Tough Love Tuesday."  Another suggestion was Tossed Salad Tuesday, so I made this a priority as well - find or make the best possible salad I could.  I had a lunch meeting at Va Bene, a great local place owned by a superb family and was able to drink lots of water, say no to the most delicious homemade focaccia bread, and order the Nicoise salad. 

Much to my surprise - another great day - no cheats and no BLTs (bites, licks or tastes).  My husband brought back some amazing chocolate from Belgium and offered me a piece.  I politely declined (don't worry, I had several pieces before the surgery...) and he says, "oh yeah, it's no shit Tuesday."  Well, not exactly the wording I used, but the sentiment was most certainly there. 

The post-surgical bloat came off in earnest over the past couple of days, and I'm sure a good portion of it has to do with eating to fuel; not eating for entertainment.  I got out for a 4 mile walk on Monday, and a 2 mile walk yesterday.  I have a sick kid at home today, so I'll have to carve out some time later when the hubby gets home in order to get outside, or head down to the treadmill.

I think today's label will be "Water Wednesdays" as I've been slacking in the hydration department for awhile.  For the first time in awhile, getting back to my pre-plastic surgery happy place (140-145) looks like it is achievable.  I seemed to put on 10-15 pounds pretty quickly after surgery, and it has just been difficult to get the scale to move in a downwards direction.  Here's to continued success for me and everyone else this week! 

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