Saturday, November 1, 2014

The day after....

Halloween....usually I end up being the martyr and politely say "no thank you" to candy that is offered to me.  Then, the next day or days depending upon how much candy is left, turns into grabbing a piece here and there; either out of convenience or worse, out of a feeling of deprivation.  "I said no yesterday, I deserve a piece today and it's totally fine if I'm eating them by the handful in secret."

I wasn't planning on having any candy.  I didn't open the bags until just before the kids starting coming to the door.  I didn't overbuy the amount of candy.  I had been cleaning all day in preparation for a sleepover party for my youngest daughter and hadn't fueled properly the whole day. I figured if there was a day, I might as well loosen the reigns in Halloween.

I'm oddly at peace with the whole situation.  I had my fill of fun size candy bars, a small piece of my daughter's cake, and that was dinner, but, that's ok.

The challenge will be getting right back to basics and not letting the major amount of sugar and processed carbs circulating in my system today dictate my healthy choices today.

Sieze the day will be my motto, along with my own little addition....No Crap Saturday!!

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