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I've got some great recipes to post here too....another day, but soon! 3/2016

This is a favorite breakfast of mine lately that quells the craving for scones -- my greatest weakness!

Chocolate-Raspberry Oatmeal w/Egg Whites

1/2 c. old fashioned oats
1/3 c. frozen raspberries
1 T. mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 c. egg whites

Prepare the oats as directed on the package.  Add the frozen raspberries and stir; the fruit serves to cool the oatmeal in the process so you can eat it right away - a definite win if you're in a hurry.  Add the T. of mini chips and stir.  Let the oatmeal sit while you prepare your egg whites either in a skillet with some sort of release agent (spritz of olive oil, coconut oil, butter, etc).  I usually let them solidify and flip like an omelet.  That's it - eat and enjoy.  Obviously I did, as I didn't stop to take a picture.  I promise to do it next time.  The nutritional info shakes out as follows:

334 calories
7g fat
44.6g carb
24.3g protein

*New recipe added 10/21/14

Chocolate Oatmeal with Egg Whites

How funny that I decide on a Chocolate Oatmeal Recipe this morning that contains egg whites in the preparation, and I used Raspberries instead of more bananas on top.  I adapted the recipe from this website.  I had frozen sweet potato puree (canned) portioned out into an ice cube tray, and then put them into a freezer bag for future use.  I used the two whites from large eggs in mine, and it was important to whisk the egg whites in immediately, so you don't end up with little swirls of egg white (think egg drop soup) in your oatmeal.  I also added a half tablespoon of honey to sweeten mine up a bit more, as my banana wasn't as ripe as I wanted it to be. 

Here's what MFP gave me for numbers.

312 calories
6 g fat
52g carb
17g protein

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