Useful Links

Here are some of my favorite sites to visit:

The person who has helped me become the strong and fit person I strive to be on a daily basis:

The best website for anything mother-runner related, though I bet non-mothers would like it too!

The first half marathon and full marathon I "ran" and it is in my hometown of Duluth, MN:

The online food log I have used since the beginning of my weight loss journey and continue to use today:

The authority on all things running:

The best invention for strengthening your core out there, and infinitely adaptable to anyone of any fitness level:

The new and improved Runner's World What To Wear Tool:

A local race finder for Northern Minnesota:

A local race finder for the State of Minnesota:

The local office of the National Weather Service (to be able to check the weather incessantly before a run/race):

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